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When a lockout emergency disrupts your everyday life, ServLeader locksmiths are on-call to help you gain access to your home or car. As locksmith experts, we have the experience and the knowledge to unlock any door, no matter the brand, in the area of Tysons Corner, Fairfax County, Virginia. House locks, garage locks, car locks, and even mailbox locks have no secret to us. 

Our emergency locksmiths offer lockout services for any situation you may be facing with your doors and keys. We can re-issue keys, duplicate keys, and repair locks or install new, safer locks on your doors. Residential and commercial customers have trusted ServLeader with their key emergencies and have praised us for our professionalism, quick response, and affordable prices. 

Because we are local to our service areas, our response times are almost instantaneous. You won’t have to wait for hours to unlock your door because our ServLeader locksmiths are already on their way to help you. If you are locked out in Tysons VA or the surrounding area, call now! We will be there to help you with any emergency locksmith service you need within minutes.

Residential locksmiths in Tysons Corner, Virginia

The moment you close your front door and realize you left your entry key inside, panic sets in. But with a phone call to ServLeader, you can have a locksmith at your location within minutes to help you regain access to your home. 

Our expert technicians are dependable, knowledgeable, and friendly and they know how upsetting lockout emergencies can be. If you need residential locksmith services, ServLeader is here for you with a mobile locksmith van ready for any lock and key emergency.

We provide fast, reliable, and affordable locksmith services to the Tysons area in Virginia. Our aim is to unlock your doors with minimum damage to the lock itself. 

If you wish to upgrade your house locks and invest in higher safety locks for your main entry door, we can change the locks in your home with modern, safer ones. We can install keyless entry and security systems around your home to prevent burglars and criminals. Sensors and cameras monitor the surrounding area and give you a clear image of what is happening in and out of your home through remote monitoring. 

If optimal security for your family is your priority, contact us today for a free consultation on upgrading your locks and installing a complete security system around your property. 

Car emergency locksmiths in Tysons Corner, VA

ServLeader locksmiths are here to help you unlock your car, even if the key is stuck in the ignition. 

Our expert locksmiths can unlock any car, of any make and model, American or foreign. We can unlock cars, vans, and RVs and are available 24/7 because car emergencies happen at the most unexpected time. We can replace and duplicate your car key and can also repair any ignition issues that cause your car key to jam. 

We replace and replicate transponder car keys or install new car locks. We also repair broken car keys and we can even unlock your trunk if it’s stuck. For any automotive locksmith need, contact us now!

Commercial locksmiths in Tysons Corner, Virginia

Your business should be open to your customers and any lockout emergency means you are losing out on income. Do you have a commercial locksmith emergency? ServLeader has mobile locksmith vans that can be with you within minutes. 

We unlock any types of commercial doors and give you access to your Tysons, Virginia, business. Our locksmiths are experienced, dependable and affordable. Our ServLeader trucks are fully stocked with all tools and equipment needed so we can unlock and repair any door, even specialized ones. 

If you feel your business needs a security upgrade, ServLeader can install security systems across your business entry points with cameras, alarm systems, and remote monitoring. This maximizes the security around your business and protects it from unwanted intruders. Contact us today for a free consultation.

We can upgrade commercial locks and keys with modern ones. ServLeader can also install keyless entry with keypads, a high-security lock system compared to normal locks.


Frequently Asked Question ​

Do you have a license and insurance?

Yes, all our locksmiths are licensed and insured. You don’t have to worry about that as we only hire vetted local professionals.

Do I need to change the lock?

If your door is jammed or if a key is stuck inside, we may be able to repair your lock without changing it and re-key you. If needed, we will change the lock’s cylinder and re-key you, so that the old key won’t work anymore.

If you have lost your keys, ServLeader locksmiths will re-key your lock so that the old key won’t match the new lock. If anyone finds your old keys, they will not have access to your home after we have re-keyed your lock. It is a safety precaution to protect your family and your home from intruders.

Do you accept credit cash or just credit cards?

We are accepting credit cash and credit cards.

Do you repair and replace locks straight away?

Our ServLeader vans are fully stocked and equipped with tools and parts. We aim to be with you within minutes of your call and to give you access to your home or car as quickly as possible. Our locksmiths are fully trained and in most cases, they can finish the job straight away, whether it is to unjam a lock, unlock a door, or repair an ignition key.

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