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Whether installed in a home or in a commercial space, safes are the most secure devices to store valuables like jewelry and money as well as important documents. 

When it comes to safe installation, moving, and unlocking, ServLeader is the leading specialized safe locksmith services company you can trust.

Each experienced safe locksmith has been trained to unlock, repair, move, and install safes for homeowners and business owners alike. Our extensive expertise and our previous clients speak for the quality of our work.

Working with a vault lock requires specialized knowledge that not all locksmiths possess. Our ServLeader experts are trained, experienced, and licensed to work on vaults and deliver excellent services for your home and business.

Safe locksmith services

Most people trust their safes to store valuable items such as jewelry and expensive watches, firearms, cash, valuable collections, documents, passports, investment documents, and even a spare car key or a key for their summer home.

Our ServLeader experts can work on any lock and can install, repair.

Safe installation

Most people think that safe opening services are the most important thing. We believe that the most important thing about safes is not access control but it installation. A safe should always be installed properly by locksmith professionals like ServLeader. Burglars and thieves will find it very hard to open or steal a professionally installed, criminals can remove fairly easily a safe that is improperly installed.

Whether it is a residential or commercial wall or floor safe, ServLeader can install it in a way that ensures maximum security.

Safe combination change

As professional safe locksmiths, we suggest you change your combinations once a year for maximum security. If you are a business owner and an employee of yours has left the business, we suggest you change the safe combination to make sure no unauthorized person has access to your precious belongings.

As part of our commercial safe locksmith services, ServLeader specialists can help you change your combination. We can also recover your combination if you find yourself locked outside your safe with no way of opening it. In addition, we can handle key duplication if so desired.

Safe unlocking

If you can’t open your lock even if you have the right combination, you need safe opening services. Just call ServLeader and an expert will unlock your vault and repair it so that you can use it again safely.

Our trained and skilled safe locksmiths will unlock it without damaging it. There are expensive storage devices and our utmost concern is to give you access to your valuables without damaging them. 

Safe cracking

It is only human to forget a safe combination, particularly if you haven’t used it in a while. If you need a locksmith, call us and a ServLeader safe locksmith will be with you right away to crack it. Just like unlocking, our primary goal is to crack it without damaging its content and its structure. Call us and an experienced professional will be with you to get you out of your vault emergency. 

Safe maintenance

Vaults require regular maintenance to work properly. Contact us to arrange for the annual safe locksmith service. Our safe locksmiths have years of experience. They will lubricate with the appropriate lubricants the locks, bolts, and all moving parts to ensure that your safe works properly and doesn’t lock you out. If a lock or some other part needs replacement, we will discuss it with you so you can decide on the best way to move forward. We will also discuss with you the possibility of a new lock installation if necessary.


Frequently Asked Question ​

I forgot the combination to my safe, can you open it?

It’s only human to forget the safe combination. Our safe locksmiths can open a safe even if you have forgotten the combination. We use non-destructive methods to open your safe so that we don’t damage it. Our goal is to give you access to your safe for years to come.

Can you repair my broken safe lock?

Yes, we offer repair services for a variety of safe locks, including gun safes. ServLeader locksmiths have the specialized training required for safe unlocking. You can trust us to repair your broken safe lock so that you can use it again.

I need a new safe, can you help me choose the right one?

Absolutely, we can guide you in choosing a safe that best fits your needs and budget. Depending on your needs, ServLeader locksmiths will help you choose the right safe. We can install the safe in your home or business and we can also help you choose, move, and repair gun safes.

What type of safes and vaults can ServLeader move?

Our trained locksmiths can move all types of safes, from gun safes to freestanding vaults, wall safes, and floor safes to fireproof vaults and jewelry safes.

All safes are different and you need a skilled and trained locksmith like ServLeader to move them safely and professionally. The last thing you need is for your safe to get damaged during the move. Contact us to move your safe or vault in a safe, professional way with the best terms of service.

Does my safe need maintenance?

Like most things in life, it is good to maintain your safe or vault before it breaks down and you need a safe lock replacement. If you use your safe frequently on a daily basis, you should arrange for yearly maintenance by a specialized locksmith from ServLeader. Our locksmiths will check the mechanism, bolts, door, and lock to ensure they work properly and you don’t risk getting locked out of your safe and can even discuss the possibility of a smart lock installation or other safe-related upgrades with you. 

For more infrequent safe use, maintenance once every 3 to 4 years is considered appropriate.

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