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Locksmith in Pasadena, MD

If you are looking for a reliable locksmith in Pasadena MD and surrounding areas, ServLeader is the local locksmith company for any locksmith service you need. With ServLeader mobile crews you don’t have to fear lockout emergencies. Our locally owned business in Pasadena, MD, can send mobile locksmiths to be with you within minutes and give you access to your car, home, or business. We provide top lock and key services around the Pasadena, MD area in Anne Arundel county, on a simple call, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Car locks and car key replacement services in Pasadena, MD

Our automotive locksmiths can be with you within minutes to unlock your car or trunk because we know that car lock emergencies can be nerve-racking and even dangerous. We can open and unlock any car lock, of any make and any model, American or foreign. We can also unlock a broken ignition and repair it so you can have access to your car again. If you have lost your car keys, we can duplicate any car keys and provide rekey services. 

Residential locksmith in Pasadena, MD

Locksmith emergencies

We are known for quick and efficient customer service for residential lockout emergencies. We help homeowners in Pasadena, MD, and surrounding areas with front door lockouts, garage door locks, mailboxes, and internal jammed doors. Whether you forgot your key or the front door lock is stuck, ServLeader can give you access to your home quickly and efficiently. Do you need a door lock replacement, together with a new key or master key for your home in Anne Arundel county? All you need to do is give us a phone call.

Residential lock installation and repair

Aside from emergencies, we also provide installation services for enhanced residential access control and security monitoring. We install master key systems for your house, as well as keyless access control systems. Keyless entry maximizes your home security and improves your locks’ strength. We can also install security systems with cameras, sensors, and alarms that can be monitored remotely. 

If you want your home and family to be fully protected and safe, contact ServLeader for a free estimate on the available upgrades and home lock technologies. 

Commercial locksmith Pasadena MD

Our comprehensive list of commercial locksmith services means you have the newest locks and upgraded security at affordable prices. 

Commercial emergency locksmith in Pasadena Maryland

There is nothing more stressful than being locked out of your business when you need to work and service your customers. ServLeader in Pasadena, MD can be with you to help with your lockout quickly and efficiently. 

We service all types of commercial locks such as garage door locks, industrial facilities locks, offices and office building main door locks, storage facilities, and shop locks. Our Pasadena locksmiths can unlock jammed doors or broken locks and ensure access and security for your business. 

Commercial locks upgrade

If you wish to maximize your business security, ServLeader is your trusted local lock company. We can install CCTV and security cameras inside and outside of your premises and give you remote access control. Keyless entry and keyless deadbolts can enhance security and block any illegal access to your business. Electronic keypads and high-security commercial door locks can give you peace of mind and protect your business very effectively. Give us a phone call to discuss your access control options with quality equipment that will enhance your company’s safety at a reasonable cost.

Safes and vault locks in Pasadena, MD

If your business has a safe, we can enhance its security with new locks. If you can’t open your safe or have lost the key, you can call us and we will unlock your safe quickly. 

We can also move your safe to a new business location. Safes can’t be moved like any other furniture or belonging. Specialized training is required for safe removal and re-positioning. ServLeader locksmiths in Pasadena MD can help you with any safe emergency. If you are moving to a new location, you should call ServLeader and we will move your safe to your new address. 

Specialty locks 

Specialized locks require expert knowledge. ServLeader is GSA-certified and we can unlock and handle vaults, containers, and specialty locks. We can install such locks on buildings and areas which require absolute safety and enhanced security protocols. 

If your business handles valuable and sensitive documents, you want the most fortified lock systems available in the market. Our GSA certification gives us permission to install and repair specialty locks. We can replace and duplicate keys for specialty locks and give your Pasadena, MD, business the security it requires. 

Contact ServLeader in Pasadena, MD

ServLeader is your local company in Pasadena Maryland for any lockout emergencies, lock installation, and repair for homes, businesses, and cars. If you need new locks installed, or a high-technology lock upgrade to enhance your home or business security, contact us and we will provide you with a free estimate for high-security access control systems and remote control for the safety of your family and your belongings. 

ServLeader is a local Pasadena locksmith company, fully insured, certified, and bonded. Our professional locksmiths in Pasadena are trained and licensed to provide friendly, affordable, and fast service. You can trust us with any lock problem because we are reliable and efficient. We aim for high-quality customer service in lock and key installation and repair for a reasonable cost.


Frequently Asked Question ​

Do you have a license and insurance for locksmith services in Pasadena MD?

Yes, all our Pasadena locksmiths are licensed and insured. You don’t have to worry about that as we only hire vetted local professionals.

Can you make new keys for my car in Pasadena?

Our Pasadena, MD locksmith can unlock any car. If you have lost your key or the key is damaged beyond repair in the ignition, we offer car key replacement. We service any cars, of any make and any model. 

Do you accept credit cash or just credit cards?

We are accepting credit cash and credit cards.

Can I have one key for all my doors?

Yes! Having one key for all doors is really practical and gives you peace of mind. We can install the same lock on all doors for your home and business. If you find yourself carrying several keys for various doors at your home and at your business, ServLeader locksmiths can make your life simpler and easier. 

We can issue the same key on existing doors. What’s more, if you already have a key, we can adjust the rest of the locks and have them work with that one key.

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