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Commercial Door Repair

Even the best doors need to be replaced sometimes! With over a decade of experience in providing emergency door repairs and professional door installation for commercial doors in Maryland and Washington DC, ServLeader commercial door service is qualified and experienced with a knowledgeable service team that will provide top-notch commercial door repair and installation service for your home or business. Our service team is capable of just about any door repair service you send our way. Quality work is our priority. The experts at ServLeader Door Company love to take on new projects and tackle even the most challenging commercial projects head on.

One Call Does It All

As with all of our commercial door repair jobs, commercial door repairs are handled with precision and urgency to ensure the best possible service and results in the quickest time. We strive to provide excellent, fast service and exceptional repair workmanship.

Our industrial doors can compliment all commercial construction situations – condos, apartments, business locations, hotels, schools, hospitals, plazas and institutions. We also carry a vast assortment of locksmith hardware including: Industrial locks, frames, hinges, pivots, hollow metal, and complete door and frame installation in addition to our commercial door repair service. Not only are we providing new door installation services, ServLeader Door Company is also happy to handle a number of different repair issues with your business door in Maryland and DC. We work with glass, wood, and stainless steel doors – both for interior and exterior.

We offer a large selection of interior and exterior doors perfect for any size project. We can also custom design something to fit any space. Your satisfaction and safety are our primary goals with metal, wood, paneled, glass and other commercial door repair and installation options. We use state of the art equipment and no commercial job is to small or too big for us to handle.

Our Commercial Door Services include:

It may sound surprising but door problems can be complex. Your safety glass door may have shattered – compromising your privacy and security and creating a situation where your electronic door could break down. There’s plenty of complex issues with this type of replacement and the like, that only a knowledgeable and experienced technician could work on. It is our policy to provide you with only the best in commercial door replacement and commercial door installation and repair services in DC & MD.


Frequently Asked Question ​

What types of commercial doors can you repair?

We can repair a wide range of commercial doors, including glass, aluminum, steel, and automatic doors. Commercial doors are heavier and used constantly. When repaired properly by a locksmith from ServLeader, you know that the door to your business will be fully functional.

Our commercial door is not closing properly, can you fix it?

Yes, we can diagnose and repair a variety of door issues, including doors that aren’t closing properly. Other common problems with commercial doors include doors that don’t close fully, commercial doors which leave gaps, or that show signs of wear and tear due to traffic. Whatever problem your commercial door displays, ServLeader locksmiths can fix it.

Do you offer preventative maintenance services for commercial doors?

Absolutely, we provide a comprehensive preventative maintenance program to help extend the life of your commercial doors. Commercial doors are crucial to businesses and when they fail, the business loses revenue. A yearly maintenance schedule can extend the life of your business door and minimize the danger of your door failing.

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