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Is your commercial business safe and secure? For the best protection, it’s crucial to have high-security commercial door locks installed, upgraded, and repaired by a professional commercial locksmith.

Do you have one on lock? If not, it’s time you contact ServLeader for all your security needs. We use the best commercial-grade lock, deadbolt, lever, hardware, and door combinations to secure your office. 

Why Do I Need Commercial Door Locks?

If you need greater exterior or interior protection, you need commercial locks with heavy hardware.High-grade commercial door locks are different from traditional residential locks. Commercial locks provide added safety and security for your business or commercial property.

A professional commercial door locksmith will ensure all locks, doors, and levers are properly installed and maintained. They search for the best commercial-grade devices like:

  • Door locks
  • Security systems
  • Commercial-grade key hardware
  • Electronic keypads and devices to prevent unwanted entry into your business
  • High-security commercial door locks and hardware give commercial property owners better security and safety control. 

How Do High-Security Commercial Door Locks Work?

Commercial door locks for offices are typically made with a stronger lever and have more sophisticated lock mechanisms than standard-grade home locks. The door lock is more resistant to forced entry and tampering. 

While brands may vary, commercial door locks and levers typically include the following heavy-duty lock hardware:

  • Commercial Deadbolt: The heavy-duty deadbolt is the main security lock in a commercial door lock. The deadbolt extends across the door frame to secure it.
  • Commercial Latch: The latch is a smaller piece of hardware that keeps the door locked by penetrating the door frame.
  • Commercial Strike Plate: The strike plate is a metal plate mounted on the door frame. It has a hole for the deadbolt to go through when the door lock is engaged.
  • Commercial Keyway: The keyway is on the outside of the door. It’s essentially the part of the lock that the key gets inserted.
  • Commercial Cylinder: The commercial lock’s cylinders control the tumblers. The tumblers are small pins that prevent the cylinder from turning unless the correct key is in the door.
  • Electronic Keypad: Some commercial door locks have keyless entry devices. These use a commercial keypad with a code to unlock the door instead of a key. You may like an electronic keypad if you want a flexible, keyless option.
  • Commercial Handle: The heavy-duty commercial lever is the part of the door you grip to open your commercial property door and enter your commercial business.

What are the Benefits of Using Commercial Locks?

There are many benefits of using high-grade commercial doors and locks. They:

  • Provide greater safety, privacy, and security for businesses
  • Use stronger materials with more sophisticated locking mechanisms than traditional residential locks
  • Ensure the door’s more resistant to forced entry and tampering
  • Can be combined with an electronic keypad for convenience and enhanced privacy

When installing a high-grade commercial door lock and lever, you can rest assured your business is better protected against unwanted entry. A commercial door lock is an investment in the safety and security of your business.

Are you considering installing a commercial-grade door lock? Don’t panic! Consult with a professional locksmith to ensure that your commercial door lock is installed properly.

Whether you’re looking at commercial mortise locks, cylinder locks, keyless locks, or a heavy deadbolt lock, a professional locksmith will be able to help you choose the right commercial door lock for your business. Contact our locksmiths today to learn more about installing commercial door locks, levers, and cylinders.

Learn More About Commercial Door Locks with ServLeader
If you want a high-grade commercial door or lock system, call our professional commercial locksmiths at ServLeader. 

We can help you choose the right heavy-duty commercial door lock for your business. Our customers always grade us with an A+ for service, quality, and security. 

Contact us today to see why high-grade commercial door locks can benefit your commercial business and boost your privacy. Visit our website or call us at (888) 573-7876 to learn more about our heavy-duty door and other locksmith services.


Frequently Asked Question ​

What are high security locks and why might I need them?

High-security locks have enhanced features designed to resist picking, drilling, and other forms of attack. They are recommended for properties requiring an elevated level of security. Many homeowners and business owners choose ServLeader locksmiths to install high-security locks to have peace of mind that their property is protected from intruders.

Can you install high security locks at my business?

Yes, our locksmiths can install a variety of high-security lock systems. Our first step is to assess your business security needs. We then choose the right high-security locks for your business to maximize your security level.

Are high security locks much more expensive than regular locks?

High-security locks are often more expensive due to their advanced features. However, the additional security they provide can offer valuable peace of mind and protection for your property. Going on holidays without worrying about your home or business security is a priceless feeling!

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